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July 12th, 2010

08:41 pm - Crossing Jordan Notes
"Scared Straight" - Jordan is accused of being a lesbian. Nigel: "I've always wondered about you." Jordan: "Oh, look who's talking." Nigel: "Touche."

"Prisoner Exchange" - Forget previous chain of custody issues! This one hinges on a sweatshirt that was returned to the parents of a missing boy (why?!) and they've had it seven years. But surely you can use that to convict, right? Macy gets yet another love interest - is it just me or is the only one on this show that gets to date?

"Ockham's Razor" - "You're not going to go all Jordan on me, are you?" "Wait a minute, what does that even mean?"

"Family Ties" - Clash of the "fake" English accents! It's like a dropped consonant duel. And apparently it's legal to donate unclaimed bodies to science now. Wow, red light cameras now take perfectly clear video. Father risks everything to find his son, but doesn't even ask how his son died.

"Perfect Storm" - A++ use of Kate Bush. Jill Hennessy's taste in music is impeccable.

"Strangled" - They must have blown an entire year's budget on this one. It's not quite as awesome as the retro episode of DS9, but it's up there. Miguel Ferrer looks like he was born to do it. Ravi Kapoor's fake Australian accent somehow sounds more normal than his real British one. Also, his wig rules. He should wear his real hair like that, forever. "When have you ever seen a cop that wears leather pants and snakeskin boots?" "The Village People." Nigel keeps the same accent. I wish they'd had him do a Scottish one instead. Oh no! They broke into the evidence warehouse AGAIN.

"Wild Card" - "At least my psychosis doesn't come with a body count." Heathers reference?

"John Doe" - Bug takes out a racist murderer in less than five seconds. "'I'm there for you?' What Englishman in the history of the world has ever said those words?" Ooh, Bug's apartment.

"Conspiracy" - Nigel insists he won't fix your computer anymore. Nice try! Macy totally out of character as a slimy unethical bastard. "Man, I know I'm the new guy here, but what is this, some kind of hazing ritual?" "Here's the thing, Bug..." "No, I will not be your Nigel."
Urinal cakes!
LOL fake suburban brothel! I don't think I ever saw this episode. I'd remember the softcore. Something about Miguel Ferrer in a suit surrounded by naked people getting it on...
"About last night...I think you and I saw something we shouldn't have." "You mean the orgy?"

"Cruel and Unusual" - Someone doesn't know the difference between "scrip" and "script." Oh, no, not the hatesex! Macy's suddenly allergic to peanuts?

"Fire and Ice" - OMG it's Michael Paul Chan in a monk's robe!

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July 5th, 2010

07:59 pm - Crossing Jordan Notes
"The Gift of Life" - Flashbacks to 1995 are hilarious! Bug's long-haired wig is especially LOLworthy.

"Secrets & Lies" - You know I love you CJ and you're not known for realism, but this time it was even harder to suspend my disbelief when Jordan breaks into the evidence warehouse. Um, we're supposed to believe she'd ruin the chain of custody for an entire warehouse of evidence? Seriously?

"Payback" - This one has it all. No such thing as "conflict-of-interest" or "tampering with evidence" on CJ! Magical ST-worthy experimental medical scanners! Overnight tox screen! Suspect wanders the morgue freely, demands results clearing him!

"As If By Fate" - Funny how Jordan insults her dad's singing, but he's really not bad.

"Upon This Wasted Building" LOL Nigel schooling the FBI bomb squad on bombs.

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February 6th, 2010

07:04 pm - Notable Moments
From Crossing Jordan Season 1:

  • Bug says he's going home to work on his fanfic where Captain Janeway is forced to mate with a Borg. Nigel makes fun of him writing fanfic.

  • Lily insists Nigel take a polaroid of his cock, and he's then shown actually doing it.

Ha, I didn't remember any of this.

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June 24th, 2009

11:16 pm - Fic rec
Title: You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)
Author: seperis
Pairing(s) K/S, background S/U
Rating: NC-17

What can I say about this awesome fic? Well, it's the best fic I've read about anything, ever. How about that?

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June 7th, 2009

02:24 pm - OMG you guys OMG
ST fandom has eaten my brain. I was never a Kirk/Spock (or Spock/Kirk) shipper before, but in the past week I've read hundreds of pages of fic.

It's always like this - I get NRE for a new ship, and sometimes I even start writing. It's a good thing I can't write or I'd lose a lot more free time. ;)

No, I still haven't finished my HP epic. I kept getting stuck on the smut, and how I wanted the relationships to develop. I think it needs more pondering. Would you believe I've been at it for two years? Two years, the same fic! Oy.


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March 23rd, 2009

08:16 pm - Shipping what?
I've been out of fandom too long. I finally got Doctor Who Confidential, and I've been rewatching Doctor Who along with each episode of Doctor Who Confidential. Well, in episode 10 of the second series, they talk a lot about the fans.

That's when they showed a screenshot from LJ with the quote, "I was totally shipping Rose and" [off camera]. The user was doyle_sb4.

Seriously? How did I not hear about this?

Do they not know what the word "shipping" means? ;)

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December 16th, 2008

09:06 pm - Who knew
A few weeks ago, I was done watching something on the DVR, and I looked up to see none other than Steve Valentine on my TV. He's doing this reality show, Estate of Panic.

I don't care much for reality game shows, so I found most of the parts of the show boring, but at the end of every round, Steve plays the "creepy guy" torturing the contestants. Which is kind Although, they really refrain from touching him. It appears to be deliberate. I found it a little odd. None of them appreciate him, either. C'mon! It's Steve Valentine!

Okay, yeah, I am a hopeless fangirl.

It turns out he started out as a magician, which explains a lot, I must say.

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December 15th, 2008

04:02 pm - Let's just see about that
Someone recently made fun of me for having a thing for pretty white guys - because I never used to like white guys. Except, there is an overabundance of white guys in movies and on TV. Also, let's take a look at the white guys I think are hot:

Richard Belzer (1944)
Lewis Black (1948)
Tim Curry (1946)
Vincent D'Onofrio (1959)
Christopher Eccleston (1964)
Rahm Emanuel (1959)
Neil Gaiman (1960)
Simcha Jacobovici (1953)
Leonard Nimoy (1931)
Alan Rickman (1946)
Steve Valentine (1966)

Uh, yeah, these guys all have a few things in common, and it's not really excessive whiteness. So, I'd say I do have a type for white guys, and that type is older, commanding, and [vaguely] Jewish. I don't think "pretty" is really involved at all.

So there.

ETA: Added birthdates for my own perusal.

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02:52 pm - The fic that wouldn't end
My SS/HG fic just gets longer and longer. I'm terrible, too. I keep thinking of worse and worse situations to put them in. And by "worse," I mean "unbelievably cheesy." But it all has to work. No OOC.

I'll tell you a secret. It's going to end with the Epilogue. Yes, the horrible, horrible Epilogue that made me vomit the first six time I read it. I WILL EMBRACE THE EPILOGUE ON MY OWN TERMS. Since I can't, say, punch it in the nads.

Oh no, I just discovered a giant, gaping plot hole. I can fix it, but that means I have a lot to write. A lot. A whole lot. Wow.

Anyway, not being AU means I have to work with canon, even though I loathe some of it. So right now it's a big angst fest. Time will tell if I can pull it out of misery.
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December 3rd, 2008

10:04 pm - HP
I reviewed a couple SS/HG fics I wrote last year. They weren't as bad as I was thinking they were. Still, I was able to spot some problems right away. One problem I find with my work is that I get too close to it, and I can't see where the problems are at all when I'm reading it over. Coming back to something a year later, when it wasn't fresh in my mind, worked. Unfortunately, I don't think I can just wait a year before revising anything I write.

One slightly amusing thing is that once I got back into the story, I kept coming up with different scenes. When I went back to the story, I discovered that I'd already written much better scenes that covered those aspects. It was both frustrating and kind of gratifying.

I have both a one-shot and a much longer fic. Well, it's not quite much longer now, but (as I was surprised to learn this morning), it's 10k words already. I guess I just need to write 40k more and then erase them all and rewrite the whole thing. Seriously, though, it does have the makings of novel-length. I just don't know if I can get back in the mindset I need to be in to write the rest of it. I didn't make nearly enough notes, and it has been a year. I should have anticipated that I'd be forgetting a lot more than keeping the timeline straight. It also has to be pretty compelling if I want people to read it.

The biggest issue is that I have a hard time writing smut. It's hard to strike a balance between "what I don't find embarrassing" and "vein-laden meatpipe."

I also have a Rahm fic lying around somewhere. One-shot, I think. Same problem as above, though. Well, in this case, more that Rahm is just...too hot. If you know what I mean.
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